Water-2Go - Bulk Water Delivery, Water Cartage & Mineral Water Supplier in Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to Water 2 Go Melbourne!

Water2Go: Your Ultimate Source of Clean and Fresh Bulk Drinking Water & Spring Water in Melbourne


We are a Bulk Water Transport Company operating in Melbourne, Australia. We supply clean & fresh bulk mains water & spring water to most Melbourne metro and outer suburbs.

Water-2Go is also servicing the commercial/industrial sector, especially the construction industries, and civil work. Looking after a broad range of requirements such as dust suppression and drinking water stations, our water delivery trucks allows contractors and project managers an immediate access to clean water, as well we are registered with the health department as required by law.

Remember the days when you could simply turn on the tap and let the water flow without giving it a second thought? Well, if you live in Melbourne you will know by now those days have long gone.

Even with the easing of water restrictions recently, we all still need to be a lot smarter about how we use our precious liquid resource. When filling or topping up your pool or spa, this can be time consuming by using a hose.

And that's where we can help. Water-2Go can have your pool filled or topped up within 24-48 hours from an alternative spring water or mains water source. We can offer you a competitive rate and take away the hassle of filling up your pool or spa or any other water requirements that you may have with only one phone call.

Water-2Go delivers bulk spring water and mains water that is clean, and our spring water is sourced from deep within country Victoria.

More importantly, our water has been fully tested and cleared for a variety of commercial, industrial and domestic purposes, and we are health department registered.

Plus we deliver, straight to your door anywhere in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs.

All trucks deliver 7 days a week

We can deliver up to 150,000 litres per day seven days a week

No down time with our water - we deliver continuously.

Our water is provided at a fixed cost delivered onsite.

Our water is clean, clear, low in calcium, iron and salt, has no odour or residue and no pathogens or bacteria.

We can provide you with any water solution you need! You can store it, spray it, do anything you like with - even drink it!

So give us a call if you're wanting to fill your Pool, Spa, or Water Tank, or just need your lawns and landscaped areas watered.